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    Warsaw – Łazienki Park

    The summer residence of King Stanisław August where a classicist architecture is harmoniously blended with its natural surroundings.

    Warsaw is a city where, despite appearances, there is a lot of greenery. The magnificent, extensive parks here are exceptionally well maintained, which is conducive to spending free time there. It is impossible not to mention the Łazienki Park (sometimes called the Royal Baths Park), which is a favorite park of Warsaw citizens, equally eagerly visited by tourists coming to the capital. 


    The name comes from the baroque pavilion of the Baths, erected in the 1780s by Stanisław Herakliusz Lubomirski and rebuilt by King Stanisław August Poniatowski as the Palace on the Isle. King held his Thursday dinners there, to which the most distinguished guests, scholars, and poets of the day were invited. 


    Today there is a wonderful museum with displays of paintings from the royal collections.

    In addition to buildings, pavilions, and free-standing sculptures, there are four gardens: the Royal, the Romantic, the Modernist, and the Chinese.


    In the park, it is worth seeing the Amphitheatre, the orangery, the Museum of Hunting and Horsemanship, the 18th-century court theatre, and numerous charming sculptures. In the summer, be sure to attend one of Chopin’s famous open-air concerts. 


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