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    Silesian cuisine

    Silesia voivodeship is the region in the southern part of Europe. It is a combination of Polish and German cuisine.

    Silesian cuisine consists primarily of extremely caloric and filling dishes. Thanks to its wealth, it has gained a reputation throughout Poland. Dishes made of potatoes, such as Silesian kluski – known as Silesian noodles in other regions – are extremely popular in Silesian cuisine. Meat dishes are also very popular in Silesia, the most famous being pork knuckle.


    Silesian cuisine is unique because of the dishes’ names. Silesia has its own names of the dishes which in other regions of Poland are called differently, for example, krupniok is known as kaszanka, so the black pudding or blood sausage. 


    The most popular dishes in Silesia are:

    – kluski śląskie, so the Silesian noodles or dumplings – the round dumplings made of mashed potatoes;

    – roulade with red cabbage (rolada z modrą kapustą) – best quality beef meat roll stuffed with pickled vegetables, served with red cabbage which is made with fried bacon or onion and allspice;

    – wodzionka (called in german die Brotsuppe) – soup with garlic and cubes of dried rye bread;

    – crumb cake (kołocz śląski or Steuselkuchen). – made of yeast dough covered with sweet crumbs;

    – szałot, so the vegetable salad – made of cubes of boiled potatoes, carrots, peas, ham, boiled eggs, pickled cucumbers and seasoned with mayonnaise and seasons;

    – żur, so the sour rye soup – a soup made of soured rye flour and meat.


    If you ever came to the Silesia voivodeship, you should try roulade with red cabbage and Silesian noodles. Stay tuned, because we are preparing a recipe for this amazing dinner ?


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