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    Annual car show in Istebna

    As every year in September, “Beskidzka Integracja” (Beskidy Mountain Integration), a car show that unites car enthusiasts from all over the country takes place in Istebna near Cieszyn.

    “It’s just a gathering of friends, as you can see there are quite a lot of them, and everyone interested in car tuning, broadly speaking. This is an opportunity to meet old friends, have a drink, chat and relax in a cool and interesting place with a cool view and nice cars,” said Władysław Gołąbek, co-organizer of the meeting.


    According to him, last year the car which travelled the farthest distance came to the event from Suwałki. Moreover, the event hosted photographers from Hungary and about 40 cars from the Czech Republic. 


    The event’s Facebook profile brings together around four thousand enthusiasts from Poland and beyond. 


    To participate in the event, your car must meet certain criteria to qualify for the event. Cars are subject to the registration process and, then, they are selected in terms of attractiveness.


    According to the organizer, the 2020 event received 400 applications, out of which 180 of the most interesting cars were selected. 


    The event takes place in the Złoty Groń resort in Istebna. Participants spend 3 days there.

     During the event, there is a competition for the most interesting car and the best sounding exhaust system. During the event, you can also visit stalls dedicated to people who care about their cars.


     Tomorrow, you can check out the photo gallery from this year’s event.


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