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    Donald Trump again to be the president of the USA? Miller critical of Biden’s activities in Afghanistan

    “Joe Biden is unfit to be the President of the US,” said Jason Miller, senior adviser to former US President Donald Trump’s presidential campaigns, on the Rock Rachon programme, describing the situation in Afghanistan and the attitude of the US president’s administration. In addition, Mr Miller also suggested that he believes that Donald Trump will run again for President “and he will win.”

    At the end of last year, Donald Trump lost the US presidential election. The new president has become Joe Biden. Now the former president is one of the fiercest critics of the policy of the new resident of the White House.


    “We look like fools all over the world. We are weak. We are pathetic,” Donald Trump said recently, commenting on the evacuation of US troops from Afghanistan.


    Polandin writes that Mr Miller is convinced that the evacuation of Americans from Afghanistan had gone wrong.


    “Joe Biden did everything backwards… First, you have to get the Americans out, then you have to get our allies, our equipment, and then you withdraw the military. While that is happening, you send the message to the Taliban, that if they mess with any of our withdrawal efforts… we will drop a bomb on their heads. That is what they understand. They do not understand negotiations, they understand brute force.” he stressed.


    He persuaded that the evacuation from Afghanistan completed on Monday was a total defeat for the current US president.


    The former US president’s adviser claims that what Joe Biden did is the basis for impeachment.


    “Thirteen men and women gave their lives senselessly because Joe Biden had such an idiotic strategy. Even the most basic military commander should know that that is not the way. Every leader should know that this is not the way to go and change a course like that,” he stressed, adding that what the US president did is “impeachable.” 


    The other guests of Rock Rachon were Katia Glod and Matthew Tyrmand.


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