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    Podkarpackie Cuisine

    The Podkarpacie region is famous for dishes with very mysterious names behind which are simple dishes called kugiel, bulwiok, hałuszki, szabanka, or bałabuchy. These local delicacies can be found in local shops, from housewives or agritourism farms.

    Everywhere in the region, you can taste delicious dumplings or excellent sour soup, which prepared there has a unique taste and aroma, thanks to the wonderful products produced in the Podkarpackie region. The mysterious names of the dishes derive from Lemko and Ukrainian cuisine, whose influences have been strongly marked in the culture and tradition of the region for centuries.


    One of the oldest recipes passed down from generation to generation for over 150 years is Podkarpackie proziaki commonly known as prosiaki. These are cakes, reminiscent of bread in smell and texture, baked on a stovetop in an oval or rectangular shape. They taste best with fresh country butter or sweet cream or cold milk. 


    Traditional dishes prepared by housewives are simple. This creates a unique taste, old Polish recipes. To experience this, it is worth visiting local inns, taverns, or agritourism farms, because only there you can get to know the authentic cuisine of Podkarpacie.


    Stay tuned! We are preparing recipes for dishes from Podkarpackie Region ?

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