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    The Wawel Royal Castle and the Wawel Hill

    The Wawel Royal Castle and the Wawel Hill constitute the most historically and culturally important site in Poland.

    On the Krakow Travel website, we can read that “a limestone rock rising above the Vistula in the middle of Krakow, the former center of power, both legendary (connected with the mythical founder of the city, Krak and his descendants) and historical: princely, ecclesiastical and royal”. 


    According to history, the first traces of human presence on Wawel Castle dated back tens of thousands of years ago. The elevation by the river among the marshes and swamps was already a perfect shelter. Later, according to the legend, a dragon roosted here, which could not be defeated by the strongest warriors and was defeated only by a clever shoemaker. This tale is still remembered and the Dragon’s Den is at the foot of Wawel Castle and the monument to the beast standing in front of it.


    It is worth noting that in the 16th century Wawel was one of the centers of humanistic culture, and the royal court maintained numerous artistic contacts in Europe. 


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