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    There are four reasons for the reconstruction of the Saxon Palace

    There are four reasons why the reconstruction of the Saxon Palace should be realized, said the Minister of Culture, National Heritage and Sport Piotr Gliński on Tuesday. The Deputy Prime Minister added that the reconstruction was “a tribute to 6 million victims – Polish citizens during World War II”.

    During the Economic Forum in Karpacz, Deputy Prime Minister Gliński took part in the panel “Reconstruction of the Saxon Palace, Brühl Palace – benefits for Poland”.

    Gliński emphasized that there were four reasons why this project should be implemented.

    “The first reason is the issue of Polish sovereignty, the second is the issue of Polish identity, the third is architectural and urban issues and the fourth is such a civic reason,” he said.

    He recalled that during the war, Warsaw was destroyed and the Germans tried to destroy the Polish nation.

    “Our duty, also contemporary, is to shape, build and defend Polish sovereignty, also in terms of what was aimed at its annihilation,” he said.

    He emphasized that we should complete the reconstruction of Warsaw with a symbolic reconstruction of the Saxon Palace, which was intentionally destroyed by the Germans.

    He also pointed out that the Saxon Palace embodied the Polish identity that had been shaped over a thousand years.

    During his speech, Gliński also stated that Polish identity was nowadays threatened by the crisis of global culture.

    “These are very serious challenges and therefore the reference to our community identity, to the identity of the Polish cultural and political community is extremely important also through this act of rebuilding Warsaw,” he said.


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