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    A new social movement, “Polska Jest Jedna”, was created. It calls for the defence of fundamental rights and civil liberties

    Environments opposing so-called “sanitary segregation” organize themselves within the “Polska Jest Jedna” (“Poland is the only one” movement – editor’s note) movement. They appeal to the President of the Republic of Poland, Andrzej Duda, to veto all legal acts in our country that violate civil rights and freedoms, and in case of doubts about the compliance of such legal acts with the Constitution, to refer them to the Constitutional Court.

    Polska Jest Jedna is an element of social movement, which is non-partisan. Its members are people of different political and religious views, but they are united in their opposition to the efforts to introduce sanitary segregation in Poland.


    The movement includes among others: Rafał Piech, the president of Siemianowice Śląskie;  dr Zbigniew Hałat, epidemiologist, former Deputy Minister of Health and former Chief Sanitary Inspector;  Tomasz Ratajczak, entrepreneur, Member of the Council of the Polish Chamber of Business;  Piotr Rossudowski, MD;  Zbigniew Martyka, MD, a specialist in infectious diseases, since 2000 the Head of the Infectious Diseases and Observation Ward at the hospital in Dąbrowa Tarnowska;  Anna Maria Siarkowska, member of the Polish Parliament; Piotr Witczak, MD, PhD, medical biologist (specialty: immunology), author of 15 scientific publications in the field of cellular immunology; Jan Łopuszański, politician, lawyer, publicist, author of books, member of the Round Table Sejm and the first, third and fourth terms of office; Jan Pospieszalski, musician, publicist, longtime host of the programs: “Warto rozmawiać”(“It’s worth talking” – editor’s note) and “Jan Pospieszalski -Bliżej”.


    PJJ movement sent an appeal to President Andrzej Duda.


    “Poland is one and it is our home. We want everyone to feel that. This requires respect for the rights that we, the citizens, are guaranteed by the Constitution. Currently, under the slogans of fighting the epidemic, social solutions are being implemented that violate the inherent space of human freedom and its constitutional guarantees. Under the pretext of sanitation, projects of segregation and social isolation are being developed. Mandatory vaccination is under consideration. Despite the fact that neither the government nor the pharmaceutical companies bear any responsibility for the possible negative consequences today.


    The Lockdown, the shutdown of the economy, the heralded revolution in property and privacy, are leading to restrictions on freedom – of people, families, and nations.


    Manipulation of facts, restriction of freedom of speech, and censorship of public debate are nowadays sad realities. Doctors, journalists, and scientists who express dissenting opinions are today persecuted, removed from public debate, and threatened with the revocation of their right to practice their profession.


    Today we ask anxious questions about the future of our homeland. After all, our Nation brought up in the spirit of love of freedom, is not able to develop under conditions of enslavement.


    We urge you, Mr. President, to veto all legislation that infringes upon civil rights and liberties.


    We appeal to the Constitutional Tribunal to REFUSE and to refer to the Constitutional Tribunal those legal acts that even raise doubts as to their compliance with the Constitution in the area of civil rights and freedoms.


    We are counting on you, Mr. President,” we read in the appeal.

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