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    British professor of commercial law and a former Cambridge admissions officer: The EU is treating Poland like a colony

    “The main problem for the European Union is that, to a large extent, what Mateusz Morawiecki says is right,” Andrew Tettenborn, a law professor at Swansea University, points out in the online magazine Spiked when talking about dialogue with Poland on the primacy of national over EU law. “The European Union is behaving more and more like an imperial power. Its latest spat with Poland is a case in point,” he adds.

    Tettenborn writes that the Polish Constitutional Court’s ruling on the primacy of the Polish Constitution in case of conflict with EU law has embarrassed the EU establishment. It has undermined the dogma that has existed for over 50 years that EU law always takes precedence over national law – constitutional or otherwise. He also calls last week’s exchange of arguments in the European Parliament between European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen and Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki as a “dialogue of the deaf”.


    On the Spiked-Online website, we can read: 

    “The main problem for the European Union is that, to a large extent, what Mateusz Morawiecki says is right. (…) The real question is political, of course. And here, Morawiecki is on pretty firm ground. Brussels wants its expansive and unaccountable courts to have carte blanche in determining what is within the EU’s powers, without having to come up against the inconveniences of national constitutions. That is hard to reconcile with the idea – also promoted by Brussels – that the EU is no more than a grouping of sovereign states,” pinpoints Tettenborn.


    He points out that Poles are currently staunch supporters of EU membership, but if the financial transfers Poland receives from Brussels disappear, every time Brussels does not like the Polish government, enthusiasm for the EU is likely to end. And as he points out, the last thing the EU needs is an ill-tempered Polexit. He also notes that if the EU didn’t provide financial help to Poland, other powers like China will fill that gap.


    Read the whole article on the Spiked-Online website -> The EU is treating Poland like a colony


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