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    Vital Heynen does not want to coach the White and Red. Belgian thinks competition for the coach is a bad idea

    Vital Heynen after parting with the men’s national volleyball team was considered for the position of women’s national team coach. However, the 52-year-old Belgian is quite clear about his stance on the competition for the women’s national team: “I’m not going to send a CV because I think it’s not my role today.

    Vital Heynen has successfully led the Polish national volleyball team since 2018. Among other things, the Belgian won the world championship with the red-and-white team, but after the unsuccessful Olympics in Tokyo, in which the Poles lost the quarter-final against France, and the recent world championship, in which we took third place, his contract has terminated.


    The PZPS (Polish Volleyball Association – editor’s note) competition for Heynen’s successor is currently underway. The volleyball authorities are also looking for a coach for the women’s national team after parting ways with Jacek Nawrocki. However, the Belgian coach believes that this form of selecting a coach is not good.


    “When big companies are looking for someone to fill important positions, they don’t give an ad and ask “who wants to be a chairperson”, they create a profile based on what skills will be key and headhunters look for the candidate based on that. This should also happen in Poland. Because what if everyone can apply? After all, if the Brazilian national team coach had entered the competition, he would have lost his job with his federation”


    – Heynen said in an interview with Przegląd Sportowy.


    The Belgian coach believes that the matter would look different if the Polish Volleyball Association approached the chosen candidate on its own, and Poland has the right position in the volleyball world to do so. Heynen also dispelled doubts about his participation in the competition for women’s national team coach.


    “I’m not going to send out CV because I think that’s not my role today. I’m convinced of one thing. Poland should have women’s representation on the same level as men’s one. You have players with potential and a wide cadre to choose from. It’s an interesting project in the long run,”


    – Heynen added.


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