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    Turów: Poles received an offer from the Czechs

    The Polish side received from the Czechs a proposal for the content of one of the disputed articles in the Turow case. “We are analysing it and will discuss it with our Czech partners in the coming days,” said Alexander Brzózka, spokesman for the Ministry of Climate and Environment.

    “On Wednesday, we received a proposal for the content of one of the disputed articles from the Czech Republic, which we are analyzing and will discuss in the coming days with our Czech partners,” Brzózka said.


    A spokesman for the ministry stressed that at this point he would not like to talk about the details of these solutions.


    “We agreed with the Czech government that at this stage of talks we want to talk directly between us and not through the media,” he added.


    On Monday, Brzózka told the Polish Press Agency that the Czech side is working on its proposal for the disputed article of the Turów mine agreement and its response to our proposal.


    Last Friday, following the resumption of talks with the Czech Republic on Turów in Prague, Climate and Environment Minister Anna Moskwa told journalists that time was still needed to reach an agreement. Brzózka said on Monday that since that meeting the ministry has been in constant contact with the Czech side regarding Turów.


    Last week’s meeting was the 18th round of negotiations regarding Turów, which have been ongoing since June this year. On September 30, the talks broke off after the Czech side reportedly failed to agree on the duration of the intergovernmental agreement. The Polish side, in turn, conveyed that it did not want to accept the impossibility of its termination.


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