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    MIAA announces the readiness of all services! Wąsik: New groups of migrants are arriving [VIDEO]

    The Ministry of Interior and Administration reported that all services are on standby in the vicinity of the migrants’ nomadism near Kuźnica. Earlier, the Border Guard had reported about a possible large attempt to push the border. Meanwhile, the deputy head of the Interior Ministry reported more groups of migrants heading to the border. Will there be another assault?

    “All our services are on standby. Announcements are made over the loudspeakers in several languages,”  the Interior Ministry tweeted on Sunday. 


    The post was accompanied by a short video showing substantial police, army and border guard forces grouped on the Polish side of the border. Among other things, a water cannon is visible. Voice announcements can also be heard, e.g., in English sent by the Polish side about the possibility of using force in case of not obeying the orders.


    Earlier, the spokesman for the coordinator of special services Stanisław Żaryn informed that messages were being sent towards the migrants informing them that there was no agreement to let them pass to Germany. He added that the Polish border with Belarus remains closed and will be protected.


    On Saturday, Żaryn reported that rumours are spreading among migrants that buses from Germany will come for them on Monday, and Poland will let them pass. “It’s a lie,” Zaryn said.


    According to the Border Guard, the Belarusian side is preparing for a major attempt to push the border on Sunday. As reported, further groups of armed officers are reaching the area of the campsite in Kuźnica, and the migrants received from the Belarusian service, among others, gas.


    “New groups of migrants are arriving at the Kuźnica area,” wrote Deputy Minister Maciej Wąsik.


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