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    Mobilization at the border. You can hear women screaming. This is how Belarusian services forcibly push immigrants over the fence [VIDEO]

    Belarusian opposition journalist Tadeusz Giczan has published another video, which shows what the Belarusian provocations carried out by Lukashenko’s services on the border with Poland look like. In the footage, women can be heard screaming and immigrants can be seen being forcibly pushed over a fence. As it turns out, the footage of the apparent provocation is then used in a disinformation campaign and spread in groups on Telegram as evidence of the alleged… aggression from the Polish army and services guarding the border.

    “Something very bad is reportedly happening at the Poland-Belarus border! Belarusian soldiers are pushing migrants onto the fence. A woman is heard shouting, someone is using gas, Polish and Belarusian soldiers are shouting at each other. A lot (!) of swearing,”


    – wrote Giczan.



    Meanwhile, an obvious provocation by Belarusian services is already being used to promote disinformation. On a group of over 2.5 thousand active users on Telegram, a narrative is already being promoted that the women shown in the video and photos were beaten by the Polish army guarding the border.


    Monday, November 15, was again anxiously. A group of several hundred migrants tried to cross the border in the area of Starzyna (Hajnówka district). According to Tomasz Krupa, spokesman for the Podlasie police, the immigrants behaved aggressively and threw stones in the direction of the Border Guard officers, police and soldiers.


    The latest report from the Polish-Belarusian border was provided by the police. The photos show that the dam has been reinforced with additional barriers. There are also police officers.


    “The border has been reinforced. Please rest easy while we’re awake. We serve Poland'” – was informed on the official profile of the Polish police.


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