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    Migrants stormed the border in Dubicze Cerkiewne. Ministry of National Defence: The operation was commanded by Spetsnaz

    The Ministry of National Defense reported that during the night there had been an attempt to forcibly push the border in the village of Dubicze Cerkiewne. Polish services have detained around 100 migrants who have entered our country. According to the Ministry of National Defense, the attack was directed by Belarusian Spetsnaz soldiers.

    The Border Guard informed this morning that during the past 24 hours there had been several attempts to forcefully cross the Polish border with Belarus. One such incident took place at night near Dubicze Cerkiewne.


    According to the Ministry of National Defence, about 100 migrants fell into the hands of Polish forces as a result of an attempt to force the border.


    The Ministry of National Defense indicates that the attack on the border was inspired by Belarusians and led by soldiers of the local Spetsnaz.



    The presence of Belarusian Spetsnaz in the border areas has been speculated for several days when Minsk increased the number of troops in the area. 


    Specnaz – as pointed out by the spokesman of the minister coordinator of special services Stanisław Żaryn – also had led the action of storming the Polish border, which took place last Tuesday.


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