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    Germans thank Poles for their actions on the border #WeDefendEurope

    The Polish Embassy in Germany has been receiving numerous messages in recent days from German citizens expressing support for the actions of the Polish government on the Polish-Belarusian border. “We get 30-50 such emails every day,” a spokeswoman for the facility conveyed.

    “Some of them are long, others are short: +Danke, Polen+,” stresses spokeswoman Magdalena Szuber-Zasacka.


    “Some want to participate in the physical defence of the border with Belarus, while others are asking for an account number to co-finance the construction of a +border wall+; many citizens are critical of existing Germany’s migration policy and are thankful that Poland dares to defend its border physically and thus the rest of the EU,” she adds.


    The embassy also receives similar letters by regular mail.


    “I am a citizen of the Federal Republic of Germany and would like to thank the Republic of Poland for its strong commitment to securing the EU’s external border with Belarus. Poland deserves any thanks from the EU. (…) I wish a quick recovery to the border guard who was injured by asylum seekers,” one sender wrote.


    “I would like to take this opportunity to personally thank the Polish state and its citizens. Their involvement on the border with Belarus deserves respect and recognition. Unfortunately, your country is not getting the support it deserves from Germany. Poland defends not only its border but the entire EU. Thank you very much for your commitment,” stresses another.


    “I follow with great interest the events on the border between Poland and Belarus. I need to thank you and the Polish Government for your decisive and consistent action: you have also indirectly protected our border from migrants. Respect and gratitude! I wish our government would also act with such determination and at the same time with a sense of proportion,” you can read in another message.


    Polish Ambassador to Berlin Andrzej Przyłębski emphasized on Facebook that he “expresses gratitude for these signs of understanding and solidarity, which once again bring our nations closer together”.

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