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    Polish polar explorers on their way to Antarctica

    Less than 600 km separates Polish polar explorers on the ship “Akademik Fedorov” from the Cape of Good Hope. The journey to the A. B. Dobrowolski Polish Antarctic Station began more than 20 days ago, and it will last about two months.

    Polish scientists blog from the deck of the Russian ship, which is a powerful icebreaker. Currently, it is less than 600 km from the Cape of Good Hope, according to MarineTraffic data. On Sunday, the Polish expedition was shown the ship.


    The head of the Polish expedition, prof. Marek Lewandowski informed that scientists are sharing their knowledge on board.


    The last Polish expedition to the A. B. Dobrowolski Polish Antarctic Station took place in 1979, so scientists do not know what they will find there – perhaps they will sleep in tents. The Poles will reach Antarctica with the 67th Russian Antarctic Expedition on the ship “Akademik Fedorov”, organized by the Institute of Arctic and Antarctic Research in St. Petersburg.


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