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    Polish National Parks – Tatra National Park

    It covers the area of the highest Polish Tatra mountains and the forest complexes adjacent to them from the north. An important value of the Tatra National Park are numerous postglacial lakes (called ponds), characterized by exceptional water transparency. The largest of them are Morskie Oko (34.5 ha and 50.8 m deep) and Wielki Staw Polski (Great Polish Pond).

    The Tatra National Park was established in 1954 and occupies an area of 21,164 ha. It has been declared a world biosphere reserve. It is one of the most famous Polish parks. The Tatra Mountains form a natural border between Poland (to the north) and Slovakia (to the south). These two countries cooperate since the early 20thcentury in efforts to protect the area. 


    Additional information:

    – hiking trails (total approximately 312 km),

    – exhibitions in Kuźnice,

    – the chapel and monastery of the Albertine Sisters in Kalatówki,

    – Nature Education Centre in Zakopane.

    – Tatra Museum in Zakopane.


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