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    Encouraged by Belarusians dozens of illegal migrants attacked the Polish border [VIDEO]

    Encouraged by Belarusian guards, dozens of illegal migrants attacked the Polish border for another. The Border Guard recorded 80 such cases.

    Blinding lasers, stroboscopic lights, and being pelted with stones – this is what Polish officers and soldiers on the border with Belarus face every day. These attacks are organized under the supervision of the Belarussian forces. Last night about one hundred and twenty-five people took part. 


    140 troops from the 32nd Regiment of Royal Engineers arrived to help Poland to stabilize the border crisis. They’ll join Estonian soldiers who are already serving on Poland’s Eastern border. 


    Meanwhile, Belarussian officials have established a migrant camp near the border with Lithuania, the Lithuanian border guard service said on Wednesday, referring to recorded evidence from a migrant.

    In the video, filmed near Druskininkai at the Lithuanian border on Wednesday, the migrant says they walked to the Lithuanian border from the camp, on the orders of Belarus officials.  The migrants were then expelled from Lithuania, the border guard service said. The Belarus border guard service did not immediately reply to a request for comment.


    Meanwhile, a day after assuming office, German interior minister Nancy Faeser demanded that quote: “legal standards are respected”. She wants Poland to allow the European Union Frontex agency to legalize migrants into the EU. The German agency DPA comments that although Faeser did not mention Poland, her statement is a veiled criticism of the actions of the Polish authorities, who have not used Frontex support to deal with the influx of migrants through Belarus, and are not allowing charities into the border area, where until recently a state of emergency was in force. According to media reports, they are pushing migrants back into Belarus, DPA points out.



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