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    The Polish Army will receive the most modern equipment

    Since the law on the defence of the homeland has been prepared, we will start next year to strengthen the Polish Army with the most modern equipment, announced the head of the Ministry of National Defense, Mariusz Błaszczak, in Rzeszów.

    The 14th self-propelled artillery division from Jarosław received the first AHS Krab in Rzeszów on Tuesday. The division operates within the structures of the 21st Highland Brigade, which is one of the three brigades – newly created in the east of the country – of the 18th Mechanized Division. The command of the 21st Highland Brigade is located in Rzeszów.

    Błaszczak, when handing over the AHS Krab, emphasized that they were in the hands of professionals.

    He announced that the AHS Krab handed over on Tuesday was the first one that went to the artillery division of the 21st Brigade. Another two AHS Krab will go to the division from Jarosław next year – he assured.

    “Since the law on the defence of the homeland has been prepared, next year we will start to strengthen the Polish Army even more and provide it with the most modern equipment. This is required by the security of our homeland,” assured Błaszczak.


    AHS Krab is a 155 mm NATO-compatible self-propelled tracked gun-howitzer designed in Poland by Huta Stalowa Wola SA. 


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