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    The cuisine of Lower Silesia

    Full of treasures with castles and palaces at the forefront, including the third-largest castle in Poland – Książ. In Lower Silesia there are also the mountains, two National Parks (Karkonosze and the Stolowe Mountains), numerous mountain resorts, and the largest number of spas in Poland. The cuisine from the region is also really rich.

    Lower Silesia is called also Dolny Śląsk. This region is rich in delicious dishes resulting from the combination of different cultures and culinary traditions from Poland, the Czech Republic, Germany, and the Borderlands. When visiting this region, it is essential to get to know it “behind the scenes” and try these famous flavors.


    Traditional dishes:

    – Balkan pita from Lipian,

    – Gandżabur – traditional soup of the Polish Armenians,

    – rabbit pie with spinach,

    – Silesian sky. 


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