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    Does another region hope for “independence” from Putin?

    According to Ana Cătăuța, MEP of the Romanian Social Democratic Party, representatives of Transnistria arrived in Moscow earlier this week to add the region to the list of “separatist” ones. WIll the Republic of Moldova face similar problems to Ukraine?

    On Monday, the Russian authorities decided to recognize the independence of the so-called Lugansk and the Donetsk People’s Republic. In international opinion, this is seen as a violation of the principles of intergovernmental relations and as a violation of the sovereignty and integrity of Ukraine.


    Other regions with strong Russian influence also want to benefit from this solution.


    Ana Cătăuță, MEP of the Romanian Social Democratic Party, said: 

    “The leaders of the Tiraspol separatists are in Moscow trying to add Transnistria to the list of breakaway regions”.


    Transnistria is a region in the eastern part of the Republic of Moldova with the status of an autonomous region. Despite its independence in the early 1990s, it was not recognized as a state by the international community.


    Transnistria remains heavily influenced by Russia. As early as 2014, when the referendum took place in Russia’s annexed Crimea, politicians from Transnistria approached the State Duma with a similar initiative.


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