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    Warning from the US Department of Security: Russian cyberattacks beyond Ukraine [VIDEO]

    U.S. organizations at all levels may soon be confronted with Russian cyberattacks, the U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) warned.

    A statement by the ministry quoted by the Axios said that the warning was due to the “possibility of the Russian government to extend its destabilizing measures” beyond Ukraine.


    The CISA encourages companies, agencies and other organisations to ensure the protection of their “most critical digital assets”.

    “We know that part of the Russian playbook is to use mis-, dis-, & malinformation (MDM) to manipulate & influence public opinion,” the CISA Director Jen Easterly tweeted last week.


    Easterly also added a link to a recent CISA report that provides “insights on how to identify and mitigate risks associated with influence operations.”


    “We have no information to suggest a specific credible cyber threat against the U.S. homeland, but it is our responsibility to be prepared,” the DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas wrote on Twitter on Tuesday.


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