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    Media: Full-scale Russian invasion within 48 hours

    As reported by the American “Newsweek,” Joe Biden informed Volodymyr Zelenskyy that according to the American intelligence service, Russia will prepare a full-scale invasion within the next 48 hours. The weekly points to a source in the US intelligence service.

    “The President of Ukraine has been warned Russia will highly likely begin an invasion within 48 hours based on U.S. intelligence,” the source of “Newsweek,” said.


    In addition, the data shows that a Russian reconnaissance aircraft briefly violated Ukrainian airspace on Wednesday.


    Information about the receipt of this warning from the American side was confirmed by a source close to the Ukrainian president, it says. However, the Ukrainian source pointed out that Kyiv had been warned for the third time last month about Russia’s forthcoming large-scale measures.


    “The Pentagon’s assessment includes Russian airstrikes, cruise missiles and ground invasion, according to the U.S. intelligence official,” informs “Newsweek.”


    Another US intelligence source estimated that the invasion would involve not only an attack from Donbas but also an attack on Kyiv from Belarus, where Russian troops are gathered after the recent manoeuvres.


    A possible operation, according to American estimates, will begin with a cyberattack, followed by a land invasion, probably at night.


    A person who attended Tuesday’s meeting of the US president’s National Security Council told Newsweek that the White House was “very pessimistic” in the face of an attack only from the so-called People’s Republics in Donbas. The government expects the invasion to take place within 24 to 48 hours.

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