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    “Russian warship, go f**k yourself!” The heroic death of all 13 Ukrainian defenders of Snake Island

    After fierce and heroic battles with the Russians and the shelling of ships of the Black Sea Fleet, all Ukrainian border soldiers died. They didn’t give up, even if the enemy told them to.

    “On our Snake Island, the border guards died heroically, but they did not give up. All are posthumously awarded the Order of the Hero of Ukraine,” told Volodymyr Zelenskyy that night. The small island was defended by 13 border guards.

    RUS: “This is a Russian warship. I suggest you lay down your arms and surrender to avoid bloodshed. Otherwise, we will open fire on you,” heard the border guards on Snake Island.

    UKR: “Russian warship, go fuck yourself,” 

    they answered.

    On Thursday, the Ukrainian authorities reported on the fierce defence of the island, where, despite the “Ultimacy of the enemy”, Ukrainian soldiers have not given up.

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