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    The Belarusian lieutenant colonel calls on the soldiers to rebellion. “Our boys are in the woods now. Some of them won’t come home.”

    An advisor to Svetlana Cichanouska tweeted a video in which a Belarusian lieutenant colonel called on the soldiers not to participate in the Russian invasion of Ukraine. Saying no sometimes requires the greatest courage, the military official says in a video.

    More and more sources confirm that the leader of the regime in Minsk, Alexander Lukashenko, may send a Belarusian army to Ukraine to reinforce the Russian invaders. The decision will be made in the next few hours.


    Even before the official decision is taken, the Belarusians are protesting against the war in Ukraine and the involvement of the Belarusian services.


    The lieutenant addressed the soldiers directly in a video published by Swatlana Cichanouska’s advisor, Franak Viačorka. 


    “Our boys are now sitting in the Belarusian forests, probably preparing for an attack on Ukraine. Some people don’t make it home alive. This is not our war,” says the soldier in the video.


    “Find a way not to follow criminal orders. Sometimes saying “no” takes the most courage,” he appeals.



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