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    Kuleba about Germany: “You think you’ve done a heroic deed, but you haven’t done enough.”

    “You think you’ve done a heroic deed, but you haven’t done enough,” writes the head of the Ukrainian Ministry of Foreign Affairs in a text published on Wednesday in the newspaper “Welt.” Dmytro Kuleba urged the government to make quicker decisions.

    “I assume you are afraid of what you see and read about the war in Ukraine. But we warned you about all this. We asked you for weapons, and in response, we heard stories of “historical responsibility,” which for some reason affects the Russians, but not the Ukrainians. We asked you not to build Nord Stream 2. But you said it was a purely commercial project,” writes Kuleba.

    “We warned you that Putin is evil on a scale the world has not seen in 80 years. We have asked you not to repeat the mistakes of the past and to prevent a catastrophe,” he adds.

    “Now you have finally admitted your mistakes. Now you are supplying us with weapons, stopping a Russian gas pipeline and supporting the sanctions against Russia,” asks Kuleba.

    “You should know better than any other country that in such a situation, every hour of delay and doubt costs lives and magnifies the catastrophe,” he adds.


    Ukraine needs help – stresses the head of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Kyiv. “Give us more weapons so we can defend ourselves. Help us protect our skies. Help us procure fighter planes. Give us more powerful anti-tank, anti-aircraft and anti-missile weapons,” he demands.


    He also calls for “even tougher sanctions against Russia,” including a “ban on the use of Russian energy sources” and a “ban on Russian vessels in European ports.”


    “I, the Minister of Foreign Affairs of a State struggling for its existence, can no longer calmly listen to Germany who needs more time to make decisions on weapons deliveries. Germany is sceptical about Ukraine’s accession to the European Union, and is hesitant to consider the most powerful sanctions against Russia,” writes the Minister.

    “You may think you have done a heroic deed when you made several important decisions. But when people die in European Ukraine, you have not done enough,” he stresses.


    According to Kuleba, “the moment has come; either Germany will become the leading nation supporting Ukraine and fighting Russian evil, or Germany will bear new historical guilt for lost lives and destroyed cities.” 

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