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    The Israeli Prosecutor General’s Office has indicted Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on charges of bribery and fraud. The charges concern the Israeli prime minister’s alleged acceptance of property benefits from the telecommunications tycoon Shau Elowicz. Netanyahu answered by claiming that police and prosecutors were engaged in a conspiracy to remove him from power and that he does not intend to resign.

     ”This day is very sad and difficult. Today, I presented my decision to the Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu and his lawyers. I brought three charges against him. The day when the General Prosecutor’s office charged the Prime Minister of serious administrative crimes that are corrupt in nature is a sad day for the entire Israeli society and for me as well.

    We established that the Prime Minister committed those crimes contained in the indictment. These are very serious charges. It is a very serious matter when a state official regularly receives many presents worth hundreds of thousands of Israeli shekel”- says Avichai Mandelblit, Israeli Prosecutor General.

     ”We’re witnessing a coup d’état on the basis of a fake investigation. I won’t let the lie win. I will continue my duties with full responsibility, dedication and caring about the safety and future of all of us”- says Benjamin Netanyahu, Prime Minister of Israel.



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