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    The Russians threaten military exercises in front of the Finnish border, the Finns responded by sending tractors [VIDEO]

    Recently, Finland and Sweden have already formally expressed their wish to join NATO. This displeased Russia, which had warned the Scandinavian countries against such a move. The country’s former president, Dmitry Medvedev, suggested that Russia might respond by stationing a nuclear arsenal in the Baltic Sea region, possibly in the Kaliningrad district.

    Videos have also surfaced on the Internet showing Russian military units near the Russian-Finnish border. Information boards showing the route to Helsinki can be seen in the photos.



    The Finns have decided to give as good as they get. With a bit of humour, they released a video showing tractors instead of military machines at the Russian border. Thus, they followed up on the actions of Ukrainian farmers who fought the occupier and procured the equipment they had left:




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