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    Ukrainian children to take primary school finals

    Almost 7,000 Ukrainian refugee children plan to take their primary school final exams in Poland, the country’s education minister said on Thursday.

    Przemyslaw Czarnek told the RMF FM radio broadcaster that a number of allowances have been introduced for Ukrainian students who are preparing for the exam, including instructions in Ukrainian and the possibility to take math tests in their mother language.


    Czarnek also added that 47 Ukrainian secondary students have decided to sit for their GCE in Polish schools.


    He said Ukrainian school children in Poland would spend their first year in special Polish-language classes, after which they will begin the regular school curriculum.


    According to the education minister, 185,000 Ukrainian children were currently enrolled in Polish schools, including 35,000 in kindergartens, 135,000 in primary schools and several thousand in secondary schools. 


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