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    “Rzeszow cellars” – Underground Tourist Route [PHOTOS]

    A unique complex of underground cellars and corridors, one of the greatest attractions of Rzeszow – Underground Tourist Route “Rzeszow cellars”. 369 meters of building connections are held under the houses of the Market Square. They originate from about the 14th century. Shops, warehouses, production facilities, and even shelters during wars and cataclysms were there. But today, “Rzeszow cellars” look different and we create their history over again.


    Check the gallery of Rzeszow cellars from the official website 


    Project co-financed by the European Union from the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) under the Infrastructure and Environment Operational Program. The cultural activity of the project is carried out in 4 categories:


    A. Cultural Square – situated on the square in the Rzeszow’s Market Square

    B. Multifunctional space – located on level -1, directly under the Cultural Square

    C. Rzeszow cellars – running through the underground rooms of cellars and corridors – located under the surface of the Rzeszow’s Market Square

    D. Virtual Lab – workshop spaces – located near the exit of Rzeszow cellars


    The sightseeing tour begins with the origin of the city’s name, findings of archaeological research, legends, and stories about peoples living in these areas in prehistory. 

    The phenomenon of tolerance of the citizens of Rzeszow and the characteristics of the main religions (Christianity, Orthodoxy, and Judaism) are also presented and broadly described.

    The visitors have ale the possibility to see characteristic places from those times: the fabric shop, the traditional inn, and the colonial shop.


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