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    Poland ready to act as a security guarantor for Ukraine

    Ukraine has proposed that Poland join the group of countries that would act as a security guarantor for Ukraine, and Poland will accept the offer, the chief foreign policy advisor to the Polish president has said.

    Jakub Kumoch told a Polish website that the administration of President Volodymyr Zelensky was the author of the draft for Poland to become a security guarantor for his country.


    “The president (Polish President Andrzej Duda – PAP) and the government have made the decision that Poland will not shirk its responsibility,” Kumoch said.


    “We are currently discussing a draft agreement between Ukraine and the guarantor states,” he added. “However, this is only the beginning of the road and one possible way to end the conflict.”


    “It was sent, for consultation, to the states that agreed to be the guarantors,” added Kumoch. “If a peace agreement is to be reached, we are only interested in one that guarantees the territorial integrity of Ukraine and its independence, and only one that the Ukrainians agree to.”


    “I can assure you: there will be no support for any peace accord that would hand Ukraine over to Russia,” Kumoch said.


    He pointed out that the guarantor states include the US, Great Britain, Poland, Germany, France, Turkey and several other countries.

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