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    Poland is the number-two among countries aiding Ukraine

    Poland ranks second among Western countries in terms of granting aid to Ukraine, according to a German economic institute cited by a Spanish daily on Wednesday.

    Spain’s ABC newspaper reported that the Kiel Institute for the World Economy had placed Poland second behind the United States in the amount of help given to Ukraine. The data do not include private donations and aid provided by international organisations.

    The institute highlighted the “immeasurable and absolutely admirable help from Poland,” which has so far taken in over 3 million refugees and borne the costs.

    The US has granted the most aid to Ukraine, amounting to EUR 10.3 billion from the end of January until late April, not including the most recently announced aid package.

    Washington has sent Ukraine four times the aid of all EU countries combined. Poland is in second place with a total of almost EUR 2.5 billion granted, followed by the UK, Canada, Germany and France.

    In terms of aid granted relative to GDP, the leading country is Estonia, followed by Lithuania, then Poland. The USA and Germany come in tenth and eleventh respectively, granting around 0.05 per cent of GDP each, the institute found.

    All EU member states, including funds from EU institutions and the European Investment Bank, have together given Ukraine aid amounting to EUR 12.8 billion. 


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