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    The summary of the day – people saved from Mariupol, new sanctions, high school final exams [VIDEO]

    Ukraine is preparing another evacuation of civilians from the almost completely Russian-controlled port city of Mariupol in the southeast of the country. Russian troops yesterday launched a massive attack on the Azovstal complex site. There may still be wounded men, women and children on the site. 



    The European Union proposed its toughest sanctions yet against Russia, including a phased oil embargo, as Kyiv said Moscow was intensifying an offensive in eastern Ukraine and close Russian ally Belarus announced large-scale army drills. Russia also stepped up strikes on targets in western Ukraine, saying it was disrupting Western arms deliveries.



    Nearly 290,000 pupils of general secondary schools, technical secondary schools and industry secondary schools took their final exams this year. Traditionally the exams start with a compulsory test in the Polish language. Tomorrow – the queen of sciences – mathematics, and on Friday – the English language.

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