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    Survey: Polish troops in a peacekeeping mission to Ukraine is a good idea

    A majority of Poles believe that Polish soldiers should take part in a peacekeeping mission to Ukraine provided that it is organised by NATO, the United Nations or the European Union, shows a recent poll.

    In all, 56.8 percent of the respondents to an IBRiS survey commissioned by the daily Rzeczpospolita expressed such an opinion, 32.5 percent did not agree with this view, and 10.7 percent did not have an opinion.


    The idea to organise a peacekeeping mission to Ukraine was put forward by Poland’s Deputy Prime Minister for Security and ruling party leader, Jaroslaw Kaczynski, following a meeting in Kyiv in March. The meeting was also attended by the prime ministers of Poland, Slovenia, the Czech Republic and Ukraine.


    “A NATO peacekeeping mission is needed, possibly of a wider international structure, but a mission that will also be able to defend itself and operate in Ukraine,” Kaczynski said at that time.

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