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    Russian Ambassador to Poland doused with red paint [VIDEO]

    The Russian ambassador to Poland, Sergey Andreyev, was doused with red paint at the Soviet Military Mausoleumin in Warsaw,” Łukasz Bok informed on his Twitter account.

    “The Russian ambassador to Poland, Sergey Andreyev, was doused with red paint at the Soviet Military Mausoleum in Warsaw, where he wanted to lay the wreath on the occasion of the Victory Day,” Łukasz Bok, the founder of KIKŚ (Global Conflicts and Disasters), informed today. 



    May 9, Victory Day is a holiday in Russia that commemorates the victory over Nazi Germany in 1945. 


    The staff of the Russian embassy and the ambassador wanted to lay wreaths in the Soviet Military Mausoleum in Warsaw. Demonstrators with Polish and Ukrainian flags did not allow them to do this. Andreyev along with other diplomats had been met by a group of demonstrators carrying Polish and Ukrainian flags and chanting “fascists” and “killers.” The ambassador was doused with a red substance and was forced to abandon his attempts to commemorate the Soviet victory over Nazi Germany and had to return to his car under a police escort., which was surrounded by demonstrators.


    The Soviet Soldiers’ Mausoleum Cemetery is located at Zwirki i Wigury Street in Warsaw and covers an area of 19 hectares.


    It was established a few years after the end of World War II in an area of a large park. The remains of over 20,000 soldiers killed in the years 1944-1945 are buried there. 



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