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    Russia unlikely to attack NATO country

    Andrzej Duda, the Polish president, has assessed the likelihood of Russia’s attack against a NATO country as “very slim.”

    In an interview published on the website of the daily Polska Times on Thursday, Duda was asked whether Poland was safe amid Russia’s war on Ukraine.


    He said that although a potential threat from Russia still exists, “the probability that anyone, including Russia, will dare to attack a Nato country, risking a run with… the American army, is very slim.”


    Duda noted that over 10,000 troops from “the largest,” “most powerful,” “experienced” and “best-equipped” army in the world are stationed in Poland.


    “We also have the American infrastructure, heavy weapons, anti-missile defence, thanks to which part of Poland is already protected by the American Patriot system,” he added.


    He also referred to the words of US President Joe Biden, during his visit to Poland on March 26, in which he views NATO’s Article 5 guarantee of mutual defence between Nato member-states as a “sacred” obligation.


    “If there was an attack on a NATO country, including Poland, the alliance’s response would be immediate and decisive,” Duda said.

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