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    Belarusian propagandist threatens Poland with a nuclear bomb. “You will cry and moan like in 1939.”

    Quoted by the Nasha Niva portal, Belarusian political scientist and one of Minsk’s main propagandists, Alexander Shpakovsky, claims that the West will enter the war to attack Belarus and “overthrow the Belarusian constitutional system”. According to him, the basis will be the Belarusian Kastus Kalinouski Battalion fighting on the side of Ukraine, around which the West will form detachments of “Belarusian volunteers” who are in fact soldiers of Western countries. Szpakowski warned that in “case of hybrid aggression against Belarus, a nuclear strike will be directed at Warsaw. Poles, think it over because later you will cry and moan like in 1939,” the propagandist said.

    The Belarusian volunteer battalion of Kastus Kalinouski, which is fighting in Ukraine, has been successful on the frontline against the Russian aggressor. Many of them admit that they are fighting on the side of Ukraine because they know very well what the Russian occupation is. Some of them argue outright that the future of Belarus will depend on how the war in Ukraine turns out. 


    Meanwhile, a Belarusian political scientist and one of the main propagandists, Alexander Shpakovsky, quoted by the Nasha Niva portal, claims that the Belarusian battalion “has no chance of becoming a significant force in a potential battle”. 


    “Even if Western intelligence services scour the entire Belarusian political emigration, they will collect a maximum of 2,000 fighters who, after accelerated training, will be suitable only for police operations. Naturally, apart from them, from three sides will come the so-called special operations forces of neighbouring countries, disguised as Belarusian volunteers,” Szpakowski pointed out on Telegram. 


    “That is why the media component, the PR component, is the main element of the ‘Kalinovists’ in Ukraine. By the time the aggression starts, the world must know that the Belarusian opposition has military forces,” he added and pointed out that the Belarusian regime is protected from a potential attack by the Russian nuclear umbrella. 


    He also warned that a Western attack on Belarus, also in hybrid form, would have its consequences.


    “Warsaw will be hit by a nuclear attack. Poles, think it over because later you will cry and moan like in 1939.”




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