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    The deposit and return system in Poland

    The deposit and return system is one of the most effective instruments against plastic contamination of the environment. Poland is one step further toward creating an effective model of a beverage packaging collection system.

    As reminded by the RECAL Foundation, the recycling rate of beverage cans has exceeded 80 percent for years, and the recycling rate of all aluminium packaging is around 60-65 percent, compared to 50 percent required by EU regulations. (


    The deposit system in Poland is to be consumer-friendly and the materials will be accepted without receipt. It will include aluminum cans up to 1 liter, glass bottles up to 1.5 liters, and plastic bottles up to 3 liters, said Deputy Minister of Climate and Environment Jacek Ozdoba.



    A first draft bill on the matter was published at the beginning of the year. Taking into account consultations and the voice of the industry, a further bill is expected to be published in June. 


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