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    Rally of Vintage Vehicles through Goczałkowice and Pszczyna

    On June 11-12th an Antique Vehicle Rally will be held, organised by the Automotive Society “Zabytek” from Strumień. During the rally, enthusiasts will visit Goczałkowice and Pszczyna, among others!

    Rally schedule:




    9.00-10.00- Gathering at the “Szalas” in Zbytkow, 8 Wislanska Street,

    11.00- Start of the first crew,

    12.00-14.00 – Presentation of vehicles in Goczalkowice near the Regional Museum, lunch for participants,

    15.00-18.00 – Vehicle show on the Market Square in Pszczyna, attractions

    20.00 – Commander’s Ball in Pustelnik Restaurant in Wisla Mała, 10 Pawia Street.




    10.00- Departure from the “Pustelnik” Restaurant

    10.30-12.00- The historical gallery visit of vehicles and antiques in Ochaby Wielkie at 175 Główna Street

    13.00-16.00 – Attractions in the seasonal cheerful town in Brenna at the Sieminski’s, meal, end of the rally.


    The rally is a qualification for the Silesian Championship of Historic Vehicles!





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