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    Will gas stop flowing to Germany through Nord Stream 1?

    Since the beginning of the war in Ukraine, Russia has been supplying less and less gas to Germany. Due to maintenance works, Nord Stream 1 pipeline has been shut. The Russian energy giant Gazprom announced that it did not know whether the functioning of the Nord Stream 1 is secured.

    “On July 15, Gazprom submitted an official request to Siemens to obtain the documents […] to allow the export of the gas turbine engine of the Portovaya station, a critical facility for the Nord Stream gas pipeline,” it said in Gazprom’s statement.


    “Gazprom is counting on the Siemens group to unconditionally fulfil its obligations relating to the repair and maintenance of gas turbine engines on which the reliability of Nord Stream gas pipeline operations and natural gas deliveries to European consumers rely.” (


    Today, Reuters provided information that “Gazprom could not fulfil its supply obligations because of “extraordinary” circumstances.” 


    “Gazprom has declared force majeure on gas supplies to Europe to at least one major customer (Germany) starting June 14. The company has thus decided to void itself from all contractual obligations. Gas will stop flowing to Germany through Nord Stream 1 indefinitely,” Visegrad 24 informs on Twitter. 



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