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    Poland will not re-introduce the national draft, says MoD

    Poland does not assume a return to the national draft as there is no need for it and young people can be attracted to military service by good prospects and programmes, the defence minister has told a daily paper.

    In an interview with the newspaper Rzeczpospolita, an extract of which was posted on the paper’s website ahead of publication on Wednesday, Mariusz Blaszczak said “the war beyond our eastern border has shown everybody how important regular citizens, trained for the military, are for the defence of a country.


    “Poland is secure both through the strength of its army and the allied forces of which we are a part,” the defence minister continued. “Security has been and is a priority of the (ruling Law and Justice party – ed.) PiS government, that’s why we’re earmarking the largest sum of money in history for the modernisation of the Polish Army.”


    He said Poland’s investments in its armed forces were also investments in the national defence industry wherever possible, ordering as many arms as they could produce, while also supplying the army with equipment not available from Polish manufacturers.


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