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    29th International Exhibition “Green is Life&Flower Expo Poland”

    The largest event dedicated to the green industry “Green is Life&Flower Expo Poland” will take place in Warsaw between September 1-3. The event has been organized in the capital city of Poland for almost 30 years. The organizers invited over 150 exhibitors from 9 countries who will present mainly plants, but also many other products typical for the horticultural industry to Warsaw, the host of the greenest garden fair in Poland.

    The International  International Exhibition “Green is Life&Flower Expo Poland” is the largest and most interesting presentation of plants and gardens in Poland that usually last 3 days. In the previous editions of the event, nearly 300 exhibitors from 11 countries were presented. It is a worlwide famous event, for example, the participants come from Poland, the Netherlands, Germany, Denmark, Italy, Belgium, Slovakia, France, Lithuania, Kenya and the USA.


    As part of the Green City of Europe program, the special guest of the event will be Martha Schwartz – a world-famous American landscape architect, urbanist, artist and climate activist. Her work and teaching focuses on the urban public realm landscape and its importance in making cities “climate ready”. As founder and Senior Partner of Martha Schwartz Partners, she completed projects around the globe, from site-specific art installations to public spaces, parks, and projects that focus on working with cities at strategic planning levels. The title of her lecture will be “Cities of the Future and Urban Landscape”.


    The sections of the event includes:

    1. Garden plants

    nursery stock (ornamental and fruit) – trees, shrubs, perennials, climbers, grass; water plants; bedding plants; bulb plants; seed material; potting plants, bonsai; cutting plants: flowers, X-mas trees

    2. Technique and technology, sales support

    soils and substrates; fertilizers and plant protection products; means of nursery production; machinery and equipment for nurseries and green areas; gardening tools and implements; plant packaging and labels, pots and containers for nursery production; greenhouses and plastic tunnels; automatic irrigation systems, watering accesories; technology for nurseries and landscape architecture; services; trade, logistic, finance

    3. Equipment, materials, decorations

    materials for building surfaces and small architecture; water ponds, materials for its building, accesories; lighting for gardens and landscapes; barbecues and garden chimney; technologies for gardens, gardens on roof and winter gardens; lawns; equipment of playgrounds and leisure areas; garden sculpture

    4. Landscape architecture

    design and maintainance services for gardens and green areas

    5. Publications

    on gardening, nursery and landscape architecture

    Organizations, associations, institutions

    6. Floristry

    cutting plants: flowers, pot plants, floristry


    Exhibition opening hours:

    September 1 (Thursday) 9.00-17.00 – day for professionals

    September 2 (Friday) 9.00-17.00 – day for professionals

    September 3 (Saturday) 9.00-16.00 – day for the audience


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