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    The vast majority of Poles opt for restrictions of visas on Russians

    The majority of Poles want the European Union to tighten visa regulations for Russian nationals so they can no longer travel freely to the bloc, according to a new survey.

    The IBRiS poll found that 71.1 per cent said Russians should no longer have the right to travel freely to the European Union, including 31.9 per cent who said that the EU should stop issuing visas to Russians, and 39.2 per cent who stated that Russians could travel to the EU but only in exceptional situations, like, for instance, to attend a funeral of a close relative.


    According to the poll, 11.1 per cent want Russians currently staying in the EU to be immediately expelled.


    Only 15.9 per cent believe that Russians should retain the right to travel to the EU.


    Poland has demanded that the EU stops issuing tourist visas to Russians until Russia halts its invasion of Ukraine.


    The IBRiS poll was conducted on a representative sample of 1,000 adult Poles on August 26-27.

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