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    State TV president Jacek Kurski was dismissed by the National Media Council

    Poland’s National Media Council (RMN) has dismissed Jacek Kurski from the position of president of state-owned broadcaster TVP, local media reported on Monday.

    The RMN appointed Mateusz Matyszkowicz in Kurski’s place. The website, which first carried the story, reported that the station would have a one-person management board.


    RMN board member Robert Kwiatkowski tweeted: “The National Media Council has just dismissed Jacek Kurski from the function of president of TVP and appointed Mateusz Matyszkowicz. Unfortunately, without the chance for a competition.”


    Jacek Kurski addressed the matter on his social media profile, thanking everyone for many years of fruitful cooperation.


    “I confirm that as a result of the decision of my political environment, in agreement with me, I have ceased to be President of TVP. I know that further challenges lie ahead of me. The television I have given the last 7 years to is today at the peak of its power, magnificent as ever. I thank the viewers and the people of TVP,” Kurski wrote.


    The website reported that Kurski first took up the post in January 2016 but on August 2 of the same year he was dismissed by the RMN, which reversed the decision just hours later. He was appointed again in October 2016 and headed the channel until March 2020, when he was again removed by the RMN, though he continued to serve as an advisor to the management board.


    In May 2020, Kurski again joined the TVP management board and became acting president in July of that year. On August 7, 2020, the RMN again chose him as TVP president.

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