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    Poland intends to strengthen the protection of the border with the Kaliningrad enclave

    Poland will improve security on its border with the Russian enclave of Kaliningrad because Russia is an “unstable neighbour,” a deputy interior minister has said.

    Bartosz Grodecki, the deputy minister responsible for international affairs and migration, made the statement during an interview with the Polish Press Agency (PAP) on Thursday.


    “It is true that there is a plan being made by the Border Guard, and it will be implemented… I will not hide the fact that the Kaliningrad enclave is another part of our border, following the frontier with Belarus, which will be equipped with a modern and effective protection system,” Grodecki said.


    Having repeated that this would be an advanced electronic system, Grodecki added that considerable funds had already been secured to implement the project.


    “As Russia is a very unstable neighbour which commits acts of terrorism on its neighbours, Poland has to properly protect its border,” Grodecki said, noting that this was an element of preparations for possible Russian operations against Poland.


    Asked about the effectiveness of the fence built by Poland on its border with Belarus, Grodecki said it had fulfilled its role and added that the installation of a perimetric system designed to increase its efficiency was underway.


    “A fence or any other facility is a measure taken by EU members to better prevent the inflow of migrants to the EU,” Grodecki said, adding that the fence on the border with Belarus “had limited this inflow.”


    Poland has already completed the construction of a 187-kilometre-long fence stretching along the Polish-Belarusian border after the Minsk government, in retaliation for Western sanctions, instigated a migration crisis in 2021.


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