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    Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2022: Laura Bączkiewicz will represent Poland with “To The Moon” [VIDEO]

    The Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2022 is set to be the 20th edition of the annual Junior Eurovision Song Contest. It is set to take place in Yerevan, Armenia on 11 December 2022, following the country’s victory at the 2021 contest with the song “Qami Qami” by Maléna. Poland selected it’s representative last Sunday. Laura Bączkiewicz won “Szansa na Sukces” (English: “A Chance for Success”) with the song “To The Moon“.

    During the final episode of the Polish program “Szansa na Sukces” (English: “A Chance for Success”), four finalists competed to win the show and represent Poland in the The Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2022. The four finalists were:

    1. Natalia Smás
    2. Laura Bączkiewicz
    3. Alexander Maląg
    4. Ida Wargskog

    After a vote, two artists made it to the superfinal and they were:

    1. Laura Bączkiewicz – “To The Moon”
    2. Alekxander Maląg – “On My Way”

    Eventually, Laura Bączkiewicz won the programme and will represent Poland in the contest.

    Laura is 10 years old. She started her adventure with music at the age of only 4 at The Arts and Culture Center in Konin. Currently, she continues her studies at the music studio in Konin. From an early age, she impresses everybody with her vocal talent, winning prizes in competitions and music festivals. Laura is also a dubbing actress, lending her voice to many animated and film characters. She is full of energy, loves nature and animals. She has two dogs, two cats and a bunny at home. In the future, she would like to become a singer or actress. She cannot imagine her life without music. (

    After Maléna’s victory with the song “Qami Qami” last year, Armenia became the host of Junior Eurovision 2022. The competition will be held for the 20th time. Representatives aged from 9 to 14 will perform on December 11 in the finals. The event will be held at the Demirchian Arena in Yerevan. In the coming months, more information regarding the jubilee edition will be public.

    So far, 17 countries have confirmed their participation in the competition.

    5.Georgia – Mariam Bigwawa
    7.the Netherlands
    9.Kazakhstan – David Charlin
    10.North Macedonia – Lara Trpčeska and Irina Dawidowska
    13.Portugal – Nicolas Alves
    15.Ukraine – Zlatat Dzjunka – Unbreakable
    16.Great Britain

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