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    HAUSER announces first solo tour. Two amazing concerts in Poland soon

    A musical visionary, breaking all the rules. He perfectly combines the classics with an edgy sound and the image of a romantic seducer. He interprets every song in such a way that it makes everyone’s skin crawl. The founder of the duo 2Cellos, now known as HAUSER, announces his long-awaited, first-ever world solo tour REBEL WITH CELLO. He will play twice in Poland in 2023.

    REBEL WITH CELLO, or rather Bad Boy Classics, is a musical revelation of several years. It is not without reason that he is described as a visionary, breaking all the usual musical rules. His virtuosic and soulful style of playing has been recognised in the most prestigious national and international instrumental competitions. He achieved incredible success when he decided to create a completely new quality for the classics and went beyond the rigid framework of the philharmonic hall with his cello. 


    Like Luca Sulić, with whom he later founded the band 2Cellos, he concluded that he wanted to feel the atmosphere of the big stage, not necessarily the classical one. This is how the idea of arranging Michael Jackson’s hit ‘Smooth Criminal’ was born. Stjepan Hauser and Luca Sulić uploaded their version online and… became an internet sensation. This was followed by other sensational and energetic adaptations of hits by Nirvana, Muse, and AC/DC.


    The young cellists were enchanted by Sir Elton John himself, who took the duo as support on his world tour in 2012. This is how the musicians first found their way to Poland, where they played in front of the British at the Atlas Arena in Łódź. In November 2017, they returned having already established themselves as world stars, so it was no surprise that tickets for the Warsaw show sold out a few months earlier. Less than six months later, the 2Cellos duo performed in Krakow and Pomorskie, and in May this year at Atlas Arena in Lodz. With their dynamic playing, the cellists have won the hearts of audiences around the world. Dominant, but also seductive and completely crazy, energetic and romantic – this was the role Stjepan Hauser took on for himself in 2Cellos. Launching his solo career was therefore only a matter of time. 


    Now, as HAUSER, he is known as one of the most crucial instrumentalists of the 21st century. His playing style is difficult to define unequivocally. It is a unique combination of the sublime sounds of the cello, which has beauty and elegance, with real rock muscularity and heavy metal energy. HAUSER has a huge repertoire base, which is constantly expanding. 


    The cellist’s career is followed by nearly 15 million fans on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube, but his success goes far beyond his social media followers, as his fan base continues to grow. He is a true musical phenomenon and stage animal.


    REBEL WITH CELLO is the name of the world tour, as part of which HAUSER will also visit Poland. The concerts will take place on November 3, 2023, at the TAURON Arena Krakow and on November 5, 2023, at the ERGO ARENA on the border of Gdansk and Sopot. Tickets will go on sale regularly on 30 September, and two days earlier – on 28 September – in a pre-sale, registered users of the Bilet Serwis platform will be able to buy them (so if anyone wants to have this opportunity, they should register on this ticketing platform as soon as possible). The sale will be conducted exclusively at


    HAUSER’s concerts in Poland will be organised by the Prestige MJM agency.


    Read more about HAUSER here.


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