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    Prepare yourself for flu season – the onion syrup recipe for cold, cough, sore throat, and even more

    Homemade cold remedies are very popular in traditional households in Poland. If you ask a random person on the street, they would surely know what the onion syrup is. Onion has been traditionally used for coughs for hundreds of years. Check the recipe below and start making your own onion syrup for cold, cough, sore throat, and even more.



    – 3 onions

    – 2 lemons

    – 1 knob of ginger

    – sugar or honey (according to your taste)

    – cloves and cinnamon



    1. Prepare a clean glass jar.

    2. Cut onions, ginger, and one lemon into slices.

    3. Put a handful of chopped ingredients and about 1/4 cup of sugar. You can use honey instead of sugar. Each layer should include a pinch of cinnamon and a couple of cloves.

    4. Keep layering the mixture until the jar is full. Remember that you can use more sugar if you like. The sugar/honey should cover the onions. We recommend using about a cup for the whole jar. 

    5. At the end, knead the mixture with a spoon and pour sugar at the top. Then, squeeze one lemon and pour the juice into the jar.

    6. Close up the jar and shake it. In about 2 hours the onions will be ready to drink but it’s fully beneficial after 24-48 hours. Keep in a fridge.

    Serve daily about 3-5 teaspoons for coughs and colds during the day. Also, it is important to remember that you should prepare the syrup when it is needed because it cannot be stored for a long time.



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