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    Foreign Ministry summons Russian ambassador because of pseudo-referenda in Ukraine

    Sergey Andreyev, Russia’s ambassador to Poland, was summoned to the Foreign Ministry on Monday in protest over Russia’s annexation of parts of Ukraine, a government minister has said.

    Marcin Przydacz, a deputy foreign minister, told the TVN24 news channel that Andreyev had been summoned to the ministry for 11 am.


    He said Poland would not recognise the annexations, nor the referendums that preceded them, which showed almost unanimous support for the said territories’ inclusion into the Russian Federation.


    The referendums have been dismissed as shams by the West.


    “Today at 11 am Ambassador Sergei Andreyev will be at the foreign ministry, of course in connection with Russia’s actions over the past week. I mean those attempted annexations of another state’s territory – in this case, Ukraine,” Przydacz said.


    He added that Andreyev will be told that Poland’s position, “will be built around our non-recognition of (Russia’s – ed.) decisions.”


    Przydacz also said that several other EU countries were simultaneously summoning other Russian envoys.


    Vladimir Putin, the Russian president, on Friday formally announced the annexation of four regions of Ukraine: Donetsk, Luhansk, Kherson, and Zaporizhzhia, citing the results of referendums carried out by the Russians in the occupied territories on September 23-27.

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