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    Firefighters will check shelters in Poland says Wąsik

    An inventory of the condition of shelters has been launched by all district fire brigade headquarters. According to Deputy Minister of Internal Affairs and Administration Maciej Wąsik, there are 62,000 such facilities across the country.

    In an interview with Polsat News, the deputy interior minister explained that this is an action related to the basics of civil protection and civil defence. “An inventory of the condition of these shelters has just been launched by all district fire brigade headquarters,” Maciej Wąsik said. He added that it is also about shelter sites.


    As he pointed out, there are 62,000 such facilities across the country.


    “At least, the number of them was based on the data provided by entities managing them, mainly local authorities. Firefighters are checking what condition they are in, whether they are equipped, and whether they are fit for use or not. If they are not, we will take measures to make them fit for use,” he explained.


    The deputy head of the ministry of the interior and administration also assured that Poland is not in any way threatened. “We are in NATO; we are part of the European Union. We are not participants in this war, although we strongly support Ukraine, but Poland is a safe country,” Wąsik said.


    He pointed out that the inventory of shelters is an activity that was planned in advance. “These are activities that are routine somehow. Here there is such a coincidence of events with the shelling of, of course, civilian Kyiv, but in fact, this action was already planned some time ago,” – Wąsik stated. The action of checking the shelters will last two months.


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